Myanmar Destination

    Bago, about two hours' drive from Yangon, is the former capital of the mighty 16th century kingdom of Hanthawady. It is a small, busy town dominated by the golden spire of the Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda. 
  • Formerly a small fishing village, Yangon is renowned as the site of the Shwedagon Pagoda, the most revered place of worship for Myanmar Buddhists. The sprawling city was first fortified by King Alaungpaya, who marked his conquest of Lower Myanmar by changing its name from Dagon to Yangon, which means "End of Strife".
    Pathein: Pathein is the biggest town after Yangon, located in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta and owes its prosperity to the surrounding paddy fields and a vibrant trade. Pathein is famous for its colourful, hand-painted parasols and a confectionary of Middle Eastern origin known as halawa.
    Places To Visit: Chaung Thar Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach, Shwe San Daw Pagoda, Pathein Settawya Pagoda, Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary, Making Umbrella
    Mandalay was founded by Myanmar's second last monarch, King Mindon, who was the most devout ruler of his dynasty and built many pagodas and monasteries. 
    Places To Visit: Mandalay Palace, Mandalay Hill, Kuthodaw, Maha Muni Pagoda, Shwe Inn Bin Monastery, Shwe Nandaw Monastery, Yaw Min Gyi Oke Kyaung
    Pakokku: Pakokku is a prosperous trading town on the west bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River in central Myanmar. Symbols of prosperity in the conservative towns far from cities such as Yangon or Mandalay arenot big house or cars but big monasteries and pagodas.
    Places To Visit: The Thiho Shin Pagoda, Sale Yoke Sone Kyaung, Shinpin Sargyo Hla Pagoda, Mann Settawya Pagoda, Shwe Settaw Wildlife Sanctuary
    Dawei: Dawei, which the British called Tavoy, is one of the oldest ports in Myanmar and was mentioned by the merchant traveller Ralph Fitch, who in 1583 became the first Englishman to set foot on Myanmar soil.
    Places To Visit: Dawei, Paya Gyi Thein Wa Kyaung, Shin Motehti Pagoda, Myeik (Mergui Archipelago)
    Sagaing is above all a religious sanctuary with the town at the foot of the hills and hundreds of pagodas, monasteries and nunneries tucked into the surrounding valleys and hills. Some monasteries are magnificently built of brick in a combination of Western and Myanmar architectural designs while some are of teak.
  • Hpa An: The picturesque Kayin State capital is set amid broad lakes, lush islands, soaring limestone caves, and mountian ranges receding into the distance.
    Places To Visit: Kaw-goon and Pha-gat Cave Pagodas, Mt. Zwe Kabin


    Sittwe: After the 1st Anglo-Burman War of 1826, coastal Sittwe was made the capital of Rakhine State rather than the less accessible former royal capital of Maruk U.
    Places To Visit: Black Sand Beach, Morning Fish Market, Thandwe, Ngapali Beach, Mrauk U, Dukkhan Thein Pagoda, Shitthaung Pagoda, Koe Thaung Pagod